True friendship knows no boundaries

showfy makes good times even better.

The best moments are those that you cannot explain in words.

Got loads of selfies from your camera or smartphone from the last music festival, trip to the beach, or house party? Simply create an album with all of your snapshots and your friends can immediately access all your photos and videos in the so-called showfy stream as well as upload the photos they took.

Automatic notifications for newly uploaded photos

Show your friends what you're up to.

With your smartphone, tablet or PC you can access showfy at any time on all of your devices. For example, you can upload a picture from the concert you're at and showfy will immediately notify your friends. Your friends can comment on the photo and let you know that they're going to join. showfy allows you to constantly stay in touch

Safety first.

Privately share your photos & videos with a group of people.

With showfy, there's no need to worry about security or privacy issues concerning your albums. Private or embarrassing photos remain exclusively among the group of people you shared them with. Register now and receive 2 GB webspace.

2 GB webspace for free
Upload your photos & videos and share them with friends.