showfy – Yes, I do!

Save time and money

Create a beautiful wedding album.

The dress, the wedding party, cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet...all of these wonderful moments captured on film. Save yourself from the hassle of arts and crafts, printing photos and buying albums. Simply upload your photos to your wedding album on showfy. Invite your closest friends and family and share your stream with them.

To have and to share

Wedding guests can add pictures to your album and leave comments on photos.

What makes showfy so special? You get to choose who can access your stream and can add additional photos and videos. Moreover, people can leave comments on photos and recall certain events.

Go for it!

Privately and securely share your best wedding photos.

showfy strives for the very best when it comes to the security and privacy of the photos you share. This sets us apart from other social networks that have been criticized for transferring data to third parties. All of your media is only accessible by the people your choose and cannot be found through any search engines. showfy - Easy. Private. Secure.